How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me?

Here is my latest video – “How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me?”

This is a question that I am asked often, or more – “Chris, how do I get THIS girl to like me?” And when I hear that, I get worried. I get worried because most often the guy has forgotten about the bigger picture, and is blindly obsessed with one woman who may not like him, or who may not even know that he exists.

You cannot trick a girl into liking you, but what you can do is focus on your own growth and development, and become awesome – for YOU as much as for women.

Here I outline 3 things that I recommend when people ask me this. They are not popular pieces of advice because they are not tricks, but they are 100% true.

Three Quick Tips for a First Date

1. Don’t let this date be your only option.

If you have only one date in several months, you’ll almost certainty cock it up by putting all your hopes and dreams into this one basket. People tangibly feel desperation, especially women. And it’s pretty hard to relax and have a good time if your happiness is resting on the outcome of this one date. So have your head in the right place, keep things in perspective and see this as another step on your journey. If it works out, awesome, if not, get back out there. Read more