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About Melbourne Dating Coach Chris 'Manic' Manak

Chris Manak

Founder and Head Coach

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About Chris and Manic Workshops

In 2004 at the age of 23, after a breakup left me feeling a bit lost, I went looking for answers. I realised that I’d never really felt attractive to women, and I certainly didn’t have the confidence or ability to meet them (in a time where I would have really liked that option). So I decided to change that. I decided that I had to improve this area of my life, there was just no other option. So out I went, wondering how the hell you start conversations with women.

In the next couple of years, I learned more and more, I approached more and more, I dated more and more, before eventually moving to ‘the big smoke’ (Melbourne) in 2007 to “do it properly”. Here I continued my dedicated effort to improving in this area (always focusing on the inner growth that I was making) and within a year, men started asking me to take them out to teach them what they saw me doing. And the rest is history. I’ve now coached since 2008 (full-time since 2010). 

In short, I went from a pretty insecure guy with not many options (with women or in life) to a confident, motivated and influential man running a successful business. I have easily met over 10,000 women, have had some great adventures with many of them, have had some great connections and relationships, and I am living life on my own terms. If I can make these changes, so can you. 

When you commit to growth in one area of your life, it affects ALL areas of your life. And getting good with women is not just a place to get to, it’s an amazing journey of self-discovery.

So how am I different to other dating coaches?

1) I teach practically. I am there with you, side by side, helping you meet women (not just talk about it). 

2) I have walked my talk. Everything that I teach, I have done myself thousands of times. 

3) I teach holistically. I focus just as much on improving your beliefs, your confidence and your lifestyle, as much I do improving your ability with women.

I am living proof that any guy can step out of his rut, and with dedication he can create the life that he wants.

I am extremely proud of what Manic Workshops has become and I really look forward to working with you. Feel free to contact me with any queries or questions you may have. 


Chris ‘Manic’ Manak