chris manak

Chris Manak

Dating & Lifestyle Coach

At the age of 24, a breakup sent me looking for answers. I realised that I’d never really felt that capably or confident with women. So I decided that I had to improve this area of my life.

By 2007 when I arrived in Melbourne, people started asking me to take them out to teach them. 

I’ve now coached since 2008, full-time since 2010.

I went from insecure to, well, more secure. I went from having no options with women, to as many as I want. I went from crazy social timidness to confident, influential and motivated.

When you commit to growth in one area of your life, it affects ALL areas of your life.

So how am I different to other coaches?

1) Everything that I teach you to do, I have done myself, thousands of times. 

2) I teach holistically. I focus on improving your beliefs, your habits, your confidence and your lifestyle – not just your ability with women.

3) I keep things realistic and practical. I can talk to you about your dating for hours, and that’s great, but unless you get some practical solutions, nothing is going to change. 

4) I’ve spend more time infield (over 1300 nights and countless days) than any other coach.

5) I genuinely love what I do. I’ve tried to stop coaching a number of times for personal reasons, and I always return. I am extremely proud of what Manic Workshops has become.

I look forward to working with you


Chris ‘Manic’ Manak

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