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Chris Manak

Founder & Head Coach

At the age of 24, a breakup sent Chris looking for answers. Having never been capable or confident with women, he decided that he had to improve this area of my life.

After years of practice, thousands of interactions, hundreds of nights out and a growing reputation, people began asking Chris for help.

Chris has run Manic Workshops now since 2008, and is Australia’s leading dating coaching authority for men in Australia. His opinion and articles on dating and lifestyle appear regularly in Australian and international media.

Paddy Mac

Infield Coach - Melbourne

Chris met Paddy through a forum 6 years ago and noticed immediately his warmth and genuine interest in women. In a time when PUA tactics were rife, and people were making up elaborate things to talk to women about, Paddy would ask about her shoes and then actually give a shit about what she had to say. 

Paddy moved on to become Chris’s filming assistant, where his help on those sessions became more and more noticeable.

Paddy now takes on day sessions, night sessions and sessions in the Mega Workshop.

Matheus Vareant

Infield Coach - Toronto

Growing up shy, awkward, being bullied, struggling with girls in his early childhood, Matheus has spent the last 6 years transforming himself to becoming attractive and confident with women. After years of trial and error, he finally mastered the art of meeting beautiful women. 


With his practical expertise, combined with his experience in dealing with very attractive women, Matheus will empower you with the correct mindset, strategies, and accountability that you need to finally get the results you crave.


How Are We Different?

  • Everything that we teach, we have done thousands of times. The dating coaching industry is FILLED with coaches who haven't done themselves what they are trying to teach you to do.
  • We teach holistically, focusing on improving your ability with women, AS WELL AS your beliefs, your habits, your confidence and your lifestyle. We will get you to a stage where meeting women is easy, we want you to be happy when you're there.
  • We keep things realistic and practical. We don't sell bullshit to our customers, and we give them PRACTICAL help. You can talk about your dating mindset all day long, but unless you get some practical solutions (things that you can go out today and implement), then nothing is going to change.
  • We have spend more time infield than anyone in the industry. Chris alone has clocked up over 2000 coaching sessions and over 10,000 approaches. You will not have to put in anywhere near this, because we have made all the mistakes for you already.
  • We genuinely love what we do. Yes, cheesy, we know, but it is absolutely key to your success than we are passionate about what we do. Many people consider dating coaching to be an easy cash-grab - feeding off vulnerable people. Not us. Manic Workshops has over a decade of happy customers to attest to that, and we look forward to you being the next one.

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