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How To Deal With Jealousy (in a relationship)

Here are my thoughts on something that I get asked pretty often – how to deal with jealousy in a relationship. Some people are asking me specifically how to deal with jealousy in a relationship, others are asking regarding someone they have just started dating. In this video, I give 3 general tips, hoping that it will be able to help anyone, in any type of relationship. Jealousy is completely natural, normal, I would even say healthy, and it’s this that I hope to convey in this video – that there is nothing wrong with you.

The Worst Dating Mistakes

dating mistakesI’ve contributed once again to the team at!

This time I am giving my thoughts on a very common mistake that I see both men and women making in dating. If you’ve been following my stuff for a while, you’ve likely heard me talk about this topic before, but if not, be sure to head on over and check it out. Along with my thoughts, you will see other expert contributors outlining their most common dating mistakes.

Head on over and check it out by clicking here :)

Creative Date Nights To Impress Your Partner

man cooking for woman

I was recently asked by the folks at to give them my thoughts on some creative date ideas that won’t break the budget.

“After an initial, get to know each other first date, often guys get stuck for ideas that aren’t too over the top, but also aren’t just a repeat of drinks. I often advise them to cook dinner for her – if she is 100% comfortable to come over.

It’s much more budget friendly than a restaurant and if you time it so that you’re about halfway through when she arrives – glass of wine waiting for her – it’s significantly more fun than just sitting opposite each other in a restaurant.

I’ve had a number of female friends comment that watching a man cook for them is quite sexy.”

If you would like to read more ideas, you can check out the entire post by clicking here.

Best Places To Meet Women

Hi all,

Check out my new video! It’s my list of the top 5 best places to meet women. Let me know your thoughts and your own favourite places. Enjoy :)

Is she the one? (Question)

Hey all,

I’ve recently joined the Experts team at and have submitted my first answer to a reader’s question.

The reader is concerned about his relationship moving forward, since he wants to settle down and start a family, and his girlfriend is uninterested in either of those, and wants to travel the world.

go datesI imagine a lot of people relate to this issue, I see it come up a lot with my clients as well as people in my own personal life.

As I explain the article, love isn’t enough in my opinion. Relationships need to not be based entirely on emotion, but also practicalities. After all, you’re after someone to support your life, and visa-versa.

Yes, many people would argue otherwise – that love can overcome anything and everything – but others would argue that the practicalities are more important than love. For example, the Indian culture favours arranged marriage based on family ties, social standing (i.e. practicalities), over love, and has an incredibly lower divorce rate than here in Australia or the USA. The Western World has had a questionable concept of love drilled into us from the media and movies.

If you’re in different stages of your life, regardless of how much you love each other, the practicalities of the relationship are not going to work. And there is only so long that the love will make up for it.

I am in no way downplaying love – love is awesome – it’s when love overshadows the realities of the relationship that problems arise.

When two people fall in love, as well as having shared values and the same (or similar) visions for their future, that amazing things happen. Yes, we learn from different people’s paths, lives and interests, but they should be mildly differing in my opinion …

not person A wants to start a family, and person B wants to pack a backpack and jet-set.

In the article, I cover my thoughts on how he can decide if this girl is for him, as well as trying to open his eyes to some questions that he might not have been wanting to ask himself.

Head over to Go Dates to check out my full response.

Learn Every Day

“Learn every day” is cliché advice, I know, but people always ask me about learning – what I’m reading, what podcasts I like, what documentaries I watch – so I thought I’d post a quick article on it.

youtube redFirstly, I don’t read. I’m ADD as fuck – I don’t have the patience or attention span to sit and read. But anyone that knows me well, or has seen any of my videos, knows that I am a huge advocate of listening-learning. I was once a big advocate of Audible – Amazon’s audiobook hub – but then YouTube Red came along.

YouTube Red allows you to just hit the ‘download’ button on any video that you’d like to watch, anytime you’re in Wi-Fi (i.e. at home), and within seconds it will be on your phone. It also allows you to listen to YouTube while your phone is locked. So unlike normal watching, you’re not ripping through your data, nor your battery.

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