Best Places To Meet Women

Best Places to meet women Hi all, Check out my new video! It’s my list of the top 5 best places to meet women. This isn’t just the best place in Melbourne, but anywhere! Let me know your thoughts and your own favourite places. Enjoy 🙂

Learn Every Day

“Learn every day” is cliché advice, I know, but people always ask me about learning – what I’m reading, what podcasts I like, what documentaries I watch – so I thought I’d post a quick article on it. Firstly, I don’t read. I’m ADD as fuck – I don’t have the patience or attention span …

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6 Reasons Every Guy Should Date an Older Woman (at least once)

This is a guest post by Jack Griffin from Most guys these days exclusively date women who are either the same age as them or younger. That’s perfectly understandable because the majority of men are naturally more attracted to youthful women. It’s simple and undeniable biology. However, there are so many awesome benefits of …

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FREE VIDEOIn this video I have compacted down the very top 21 mistakes that most men are most commonly making with women.

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