This book contains everything that you need to be able to successfully meet the women that you actually want to date.

“Approach” is not another wishy-washy dating book telling you to “just be more confident” – in fact, I tell you why confidence is bullshit.

“Approach” is a how-to guide, showing you where to meet women, how to women, how to start conversations, how to have better conversations, and how to escalate those conversations into dates and a relationship.

Everything that took me 15 years, and thousands of approaches to learn – is contained in this book. It is a condensed version of what hundreds of men have paid me thousands of dollars to learn.

And this book is not just about dating. I explain exactly how you can use dating as a powerful tool for your personal development and inner growth.

So that you’re not just improving your dating life, you’re improving your entire life.

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flakes book

The most common problem that men face after learning how to approach and meet women, is not getting replies to texts and calls.

Many men can indeed meet women, but then they can’t turn those interactions into dates, which can be incredibly frustrating.

In “Why Chicks Don’t Text Back” I cover 30 ways in which men are going wrong in this area, and I help you to understand what is actually happening in this very common “flaky stage”.

“Why Chicks Don’t Text Back” compliments the “Approach” book perfectly. One will show you how to get phone numbers, the other will show you what to do with it.

This book has previously been on sales for a number of years, but now when you buy “Approach”, you will get it absolutely free.


You know most books talk about theory. Well this book actually gets results. I’d love to thank Chris Manak in person if I could. Chris you have changed my life. Your simple but effective strategies have changed my life. I could not event envision talking to strangers. Now I talke confidentially to people in bars. Guys buy the book and do what it says and your life will change.

- Real review from Don - November, 2017

Chris’s approach is respectful of women and their boundaries, whilst at the same time challenging men to take ownership of their lives and take the lead in interacting with women. I would say that this book is suitable for everyone from beginners with no clue about women, all the way through to men who are confident with women but would like to fine-tune their skills. If you are already good with women but can’t explain why, this book may also help you understand how this came to be and how you can help other guys to achieve the same state. This is sure to be regarded very highly in years to come as one of the authoritative manuals on the topic of seduction.

- Real review from Phill - January, 2018

Absolutely an indispensable must have, and like a handbook or bible for your dating life from someone who has such an incredible wealth of knowledge and massive amount of experience in the area. This book also cuts through all the nonsense disseminated in the ‘PUA’ world which inevitably just leaves you feeling very confused and often messes up your game. If you are serious about dating i strong recommend this book!

- Real review from Paul - December, 2017

This offers some real and practical advice for approaching, I loved the confidence building techniques. It was refreshing to see that someone like Chris who neeeds to sell it with dodgy tactics like the typical spiel of “buy my course and meet the girl of your dreams tonight!” But rather Chris’ approach comes across as very sincere and authentic from his experiences, this book and this man is someone you can trust when your in the trenches when you’re trying to become a better version of yourself. Just when you think you may know everything; there are parts in this book that make think ‘oh wow’ new lessons learned.

- Real review from Steve - November, 2017