Improve Everything About Yourself & Your Dating Life ...
By Learning The One Key Skill That Changes Everything ...
Chris Manak 
Founder of Manic Workshops
"This course simplifies everything that I've learnt in 14 years of meeting women, and it's what my clients pay me $3600 to learn. These are the best and simplest methods for meeting attractive women. I've done over 10,000 approaches so that you don't have to".
The Ultimate Guide To Meeting Women & Developing Confidence In Dating
Approach is not just another generic dating advice eBook. It's a detailed step-by-step course. Just follow the advice and homework of each chapter, & I guarantee that you'll be out meeting women within the month.
About The eBook Course
‘Approach: The Ultimate Guide To Meeting Women & Developing Confidence In Dating’ – is a simplified how-to guide on meeting women naturally - using authentic conversation starters, having better conversations, getting more dates, and ultimately the type of relationship that suits you and your lifestyle. 

When you know how simple it is to approach women, you won't even need Tinder or online dating.

This is a no bullsh*t course for learning this one skill that will improve your dating life and overall confidence, regardless of age or experience.

Letter From The Author
Just can't seem to talk to those women you see and like?
"Trust me, I was the same. Back in 2004, I was post-breakup and essentially pretty useless with women. I went on a journey of self-discovery to improve both my dating life, as well as how I felt about myself"

"Fast-forward to 2018, I am Australia's leading dating coach for men. But more importantly, I massively improved who I am as a person. When you learn to be better with women, you automatically grow exponentially as a person too. Your whole life improves. And that's what I love the most about what I do".

This Course Is Not For:
  •  Victims: If you're happy blaming women or society for your issues in dating - this book will not help you.
  •  Online experts or naturals: If you're already crushing it online, or have always naturally found picking up women easy.
  •  Lazy people: Yes can read Approach to just get some new ideas, but I'd rather sell to people who will do the exercises.
This Course Is For:
  •  Go Getters: If you're ready to just do this already, let's go! I have you doing homework exercises from Chapter 1.
  •  Good guys with bad luck: If you have a lot to offer a women, but just can't meet them, and will use these skills in a good way.
  •  Guys who hate technical dating advice: There is so much conflicting and technical advice out there. It's just not necessary. 
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