‘Approach: The Ultimate Guide To Meeting Women & Developing Confidence In Dating’ – is my new and much anticipated book. This book contains EVERYTHING that you need to know to get out there meeting women and improving your dating life.

‘Approach’ is a how-to guide on meeting women naturally, using authentic openers, having better conversation, escalating to a date, what to do on a date, setting up the type of relationship that suits you, improving your mindset, and everything in between.

This is ALL that I’ve learnt in 13 years of ‘gaming’ and 9 years of coaching – that’s tens of thousands of interactions with women, and hundreds of gentlemen coached. ‘Approach’ is a no bullshit, easy to follow manual for meeting women (both during the day and at night), and becoming a much better, more confident version of yourself. The book methodically uses dating as a powerful tool for personal development and inner growth.

‘Approach’ was originally going to be a video course, but at the end of the day, there was just too much content. If you want a little taste before you buy, you can download the chapter list and the first two chapters for free by clicking here. If you have any questions prior to purchase, feel free to message me through the Contact page. And should you not like the book, drop me an email and I’ll personally refund you 100% of the price, no questions asked. Enjoy!