Learn how to meet the women that you want to date

Even if you’ve never said “hello” to a stranger before

Approach Book Cover
  • Grow into a confident and socially-capable guy, even if you hate people and parties.
  • Discover how easy it is to get phone numbers, without having to speak to a girl for hours.
  • Get one concise book, covering everything. This is the only book you'll ever need to improve your dating life.
  • 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't know exactly how to start conversations with attractive women by chapter 30, then I don't want your money.
  • Get all of my best information for 1.2% the price that clients pay me for coaching.
  • Never settle again for a night out not talking to anyone, or letting the cute girl walk past, or dating women you don't like.
Approach Book Cover

"You know most books talk about theory. Well this book actually gets results. I’d love to thank Chris Manak in person if I could. Chris you have changed my life. Your simple but effective strategies have changed my life. I could not envision talking to strangers. Now I talk confidentially to people in bars. Guys buy the book and do what it says and your life will change"

- Don


November, 2017


"Chris’s approach is respectful of women and their boundaries, whilst at the same time challenging men to take ownership of their lives and take the lead in interacting with women. I would say that this book is suitable for everyone from beginners with no clue about women, all the way through to men who are confident with women but would like to fine-tune their skills. If you are already good with women but can’t explain why, this book may also help you understand how this came to be and how you can help other guys to achieve the same state. This is sure to be regarded very highly in years to come as one of the authoritative manuals on the topic of seduction"



January, 2018

coach chris manak
Chris Manak - Dating & Lifestyle Coach

So, there I sat …

In a smashed up living-room, broken-hearted, wondering what the hell had happened.

My fears had been confirmed – my girlfriend of 2 years had indeed been seeing that guy in her office.


I decided that I’d had enough of not being in control of my dating life. I got sick of only being able to date whoever chose me.

Fast forward to now, I’m the most sought after dating coach in Australia.

Crazy huh!

Well, not really. Some of my clients get the same results as me in just months. So why did it take me years?

Because I didn’t have the right information.

And that is why I wrote this book.


Look, if you do what I say in the book – then yes, it will work for you. I’ve coached the most confident, and the shyest of guys and the approach is the same. Many dating books are just regurgitated advice from people who have no experience approaching women – so of course they don’t work. Read the book, do the work, reap the rewards.

Yes! I’ve coached TWO sky-diving instructors in my career. These guys jumped out of planes for a living, and even they were scared of meeting women. So you’re not alone, it’s completely normal. You just need to be pointed in the right direction and given some motivation to most past that fear.

Yes and yes. Many teenagers have read this book, as well as men in their 50s (even one in his 70s!). There are single women of ALL ages wanting to meet men. And once you develop the ability to approach and meet them, even looks aren’t massively important. 

Absolutely yes. Many people have asked me this question. They think that it’s another book about banging billions of broads. Look, if you want that, and you’re ethical about it – great. But if you want a girlfriend/wife, then this book will absolutely help you, too. It will teach you not only how to GET a girlfriend, but how to keep her attracted to you.

It’s very simple. Just send me an email with the Subject line “Refund” within 60 days of purchase (which is more than enough time to test it out), and the money will be refunded within 24 hours. You can even KEEP the book and the bonuses. 


Bonus #1 - $47 Value

Bonus #1 - $47 Value

chicks 3d cover

The most common problem that many men face when improving their dating life, is then not getting replies to all of their texts and phone calls.


Once you learn how to meet women, you need to know exactly how to turn those interactions into dates. And this FREE book covers exactly that. 

Yes the “Approach” book has a chapter dedicated to this, but if you think that this will be an issue for you (perhaps it already is), then this bonus book will cover over 20 extra reasons why women won’t text you back. 


Note – this is not just a filler bonus, I have previously sold many copies of it. 

But when you buy “Approach” today, it’s yours entirely for free.

Bonus #2 - $27 Value

Bonus #2 - $27 Value

dating audio cover

Regardless of what you read, or what you learn, or who you learn from …

If you don’t fix your mind, if you don’t reprogram your subconscious mind for success, nothing will change. 

I’ll be honest, I made this audio just to give to someone, because I use them myself.

But then – people got crazy results from it

This will be a bonus for a very limited time, then it will be an additional purchase, so get it free while you can. 

mitch dating review

Absolutely an indispensable must have, and like a handbook or bible for your dating life from someone who has such an incredible wealth of knowledge and massive amount of experience in the area. This book also cuts through all the nonsense disseminated in the ‘PUA’ world which inevitably just leaves you feeling very confused and often messes up your game. If you are serious about dating i strong recommend this book!



December, 2017


This offers some real and practical advice for approaching, I loved the confidence building techniques. It was refreshing to see that someone like Chris who needs to sell it with dodgy tactics like the typical spiel of “buy my course and meet the girl of your dreams tonight!” But rather Chris’ approach comes across as very sincere and authentic from his experiences, this book and this man is someone you can trust when your in the trenches when you’re trying to become a better version of yourself. Just when you think you may know everything; there are parts in this book that make think ‘oh wow’ new lessons learned.



November, 2017