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Manic Workshops is Australia’s leading dating coaching service for men, in operation since 2008. If you’re in Sydney and you're struggling to meet more women, and create a dating life of freedom and inspiration, then you're in the right place.
Our coaching sessions will show you step by step exactly how to meet the women in an easy and natural fashion, without any creepiness or PUA weirdness.
Whether you want to be able to talk to the women that you walk past, approach girls in the bars on weekend, or just get a better understanding of what you can do to improve, then we have training offers to suit men of all ages and experience levels.

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skype coaching

Skype Consultations

price $200

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day Workshops

price $450

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night Workshops

price $550

Skype Consultation

If you’re in Sydney, and you’re completely new to dating coaching, or perhaps you just have a few specific questions that you need a professional opinion on, a 90 minute Skype session with Chris is definitely a great place to start. You will get simple, natural, applicable dating and lifestyle advice without the pick up artist weirdness or life coaching BS. 

day workshop

Have you ever walked past a beautiful woman on the street, caught her eye, and you wondered if you could meet her? Maybe even date her? The Day Workshop is a 3 hour bootcamp that will show you exactly how you can go about approaching the women that you may already be walking past every day. 

night workshop

Every weekend, the bars of Sydney are flooded with lovely single women looking to meet a cool guy. Unfortunately, they don’t meet them because most men stand around all night, unable to approach. In the Night Workshop you will learn how to breakthrough your approach anxiety, enjoy random conversations and find better connections.

Sydney Coach, Richard

Richard Greenway

Sydney Coach, Richard

“I developed my own strategies with woman through years of trial and error. By far the most influential development was finding professionals like Chris who are coming from a place of good.  Here at Manic Workshops over many years of theory and practice. We have synthesised a program that enables a man to confidently attract beautiful woman without using any routines or gimmicks.

When I first started the journey of attracting woman, I was extremely shy, and I didn’t have anyone that I could share my stories with.  So, for a long time I was spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.  I knew what I wanted because these gorgeous women were around me all the time, but I just didn’t know how to attract them. 

As an extrovert/introvert, I had a group of close friends.  We would often go out on the weekend and get blind drunk to numb the pain of approaching hot woman.  The older I got, the more money I made, the more I would drink and the more I would avoid having to learn how to calibrate a social situation. I wandered if I’d ever meet anyone.  

I started to attract good people into my life and along the road many recommendations and opportunities came my way.  I studied as much as I could and stretched myself further than I thought possible.  I learned how to attract beautiful woman into my life, I learned how to teach others how to attract beautiful woman into their lives, and then I decided to become a professional dating coach for men. I look forward to the potential of working with you.  In the meantime, if you’re sitting on the fence but you know you want to take action, call and let’s have a conversation.”

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