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learn step-by-step in action how to meet women

Like every man, I bet you've gone to a bar and seeing cute girls. I bet you've also walked past a beautiful woman on the street and wondered "How could I possible meet her?"

day workshop

day approaching

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to meet (and even date) the women that you walk past on your lunch break, while shopping, at the gym? Of course you have

The Day Workshop starts with a one hour consultation with Chris to look at where currently at in your dating life. You will learn the theory behind meeting women during the day – how to go about it, what to look for, what to say, and how to spot opportunities.

Then you will hit the streets, being shown live and step-by-step how to meet women on the street, in supermarkets, in stores, etc. You do not have to go to bars to meet women. You do not have to settle for the Tinder crazies to meet a girlfriend.

There are no cheesy pick-up lines, no weird techniques, and no “hard coaching”. You will be taught how to naturally approach and meet women in a relaxed and friendly fashion, with the main focus being on growing your confidence so that you can then implement these steps in your daily life.

Knowing how to meet women during the day will revolutionise your confidence and your dating life. Why spend hours online dating, or at events that you don’t enjoy, when you can just walk out your front door?

The Day Workshop has a maximum of two clients per workshop, so you’re ensured close personal attention.

night workshop

Every weekend bars are flooded with lovely single women (of all ages) who are looking to meet Mr Right. But despite this, most guys stand around staring at them from a distance because they don’t know how to meet them.

The Night Workshop starts with a one hour consultation to see where you’re at in your dating life, what needs to improve, and also to discuss the theory behind meeting women at night. Then for the following three hours you will be shown and taught how to approach and interact with women in bars.

This will include how to approach, how to have better conversations, how to interact with groups, how to get phone numbers, and especially how to grow your confidence in these social situations.

For the more experienced guys, the Night Workshop will tweak your approaching, conversation and escalation, to significantly improve your results in just one night.

The Night Workshop is a maximum of two clients, ensuring that you get close personal attention, and it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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If you don't find the session helpful, we don't want your money.

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ongoing support

After the workshop, you will have full online access to Chris to ensure you can implement.

for dicks

No, we are not here to help you manipulate your way into getting more lays.

for complainers

Sorry, but if you're always negative and "life never goes your way", we can't help that.


This is an investment in yourself, your happiness and your future relationship.

day workshop

$ 450
3 hours
  • One hour theory session
  • Two hour infield session
  • Ongoing support
  • Book a day and a night and save $50

night workshop

$ 550
4 hours
  • One hour theory session
  • Three hour infield session
  • Ongoing support
  • Book a day and a night and save $50

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