If you put in the effort and do what I say, then you will see significant changes. This will range from person to person. By the end, one guy will be dating a girl (or multiple girls) whereas another guy will just feel some significant internal changes that will improve his confidence and success with women. This will depend on which workshop you take, and also your willingness to actually put into practice what you learn. I only take on clients that I feel that I can help, and I have a very good track record of clients making great improvements in themselves and their dating lives (including multiple marriages), however your success relies as much on your attitude and your willingness as it does my coaching. My consultations, day and night sessions are money back guaranteed, and the Mega workshop has a one week trial.

I have personally done what I teach more than anyone in the country. I got my ‘credentials’ from thousands of hours out approaching and interacting with thousands of women. I have been involved in this since 2004 and I have coached since 2008. I have been featured all through the media as the ‘go-to’ expert, I run the biggest dating forum in Australia and I have one of the best track records of any coach in any industry. My business has been copied a number of times, and I still prevail as the #1 dating coach for men. You can get coaching elsewhere (and maybe for cheaper) but you will not get it of this level.

Yes it is. I have coached since 2008, and I have coached full-time since 2010.
Supply and demand. As I have improved over the years, I have gotten more attention from the media and more clients booking in – so my prices rise accordingly. However if you look throughout this industry you will actually find my prices to be still amongst the lowest of the professional companies, especially since I do not coach groups. Men spend so much money on dating women, so knowing what you are doing can actually save you money in the long-run.
I am 36. I have coached clients ranging from 19 through to 65. My average client is in his mid-30s.

Absolutely. If you want to discuss a consultation, a day or a night workshop, then I am more than happy to chat with you via telephone or Facebook (www.facebook.com/cmanak). If you want to discuss a weekend workshop (day and night), or the Mega workshop, then I am happy to meet you in the CBD for a 15 minute free chat over coffee. And no, I will never try to “sell you” anything. 

I am a huge advocate of improving your skills with women in general first. If you are not in a great place in life, or you don’t have much confidence with women, or you don’t understand attraction or know how to meet women – then just getting a girlfriend will not be the best thing for you right now. It will not end well for you. I would rather teach you how to be confident with women in general first, and then help you to get a wife/girlfriend if that is what you want. Please note – I am a dating coach, I am not a match-maker. I coach men to meet women themselves, I do not do blind set-ups.
I have coached many (many!) shy guys, and even some clinically diagnosed socially anxious guys. Through gradual exposure to meeting women (and people in general), you will find that your shyness and social anxiety starts to dissipate. I am not a hard-arse coach, I will push you to the degree that I feel that you can be pushed to grow, but no further. You will just need to be willing to change, to try new things, and to not let “I’m shy” be an excuse. You need to trust me, and I will aim to make this easy for you.
I am very discrete about my profession. When we are out, I do not tell people what I do. As far as they know, we are just friends. Some bar security and managers know me from years of going to their venues (which is a good thing), and the odd person here or there may recognise me, but for the significant most-part, people will not know that you are being coached. Your privacy is very important to me.
Melbourne is way too small to do infield videos. The media would be onto me in no time. I also think it is ethically questionable to record someone unknowingly for your own promotion. You cannot survive in this industry without the skill to back it up. I have seen many coaches come and go who could not back up their claims. Also, I do plenty of demonstrations with you during the sessions.
No I do not. I am more than happy to give my advice if desired, however I specialise in coaching men.
I am more than happy to help anyone that I can, however I will not initiate the conversation. An important part of coaching is for the client to take that first step. So I am more than happy to have a phone call or email conversation with your friend if you pass on my details, and he contacts me.