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My last 11 years were spent meeting women. Either for myself, or for my clients. In that time, I noticed that 90% of my clients were making the same mistakes. I kept my dating coaching out of the pick up artist realm, out of the traditional dating advice realm, and in the realm of personal development. This allowed me to get to know clients intimately, and see where they were going wrong with women. 

Watch this completely free video to see what mistakes you might be making when it comes to meeting women. Often it’s only small changes that get you big results.

I’ve also included for you, the audio version – so if you’re like me and like to consume info on the go, you can listen on your phone.

Top 20 Ways Guys go wrong (1)

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"Sitting down with Chris and having a relaxed, judgement-free chat about my current dating life and areas in which I can improve was fun, informative and beneficial. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who would like to improve themselves and their social abilities, particularly with the ladies."
word of mouth
March, 2015
"Most of the pick-up and dating coaches in Australia want thousands of dollars for their training, but eventually I came across Chris Manak. Chris only charges $850 for a day and night session of infield pick up training. He was well worth it too, I returned home being more confident than I was before I started. He has also gone above and beyond by offering his ongoing support, which makes his training more than worth it."
word of mouth
November, 2016
"This is exactly what I was looking for. Finding myself single again after a 10+ year relationship, I was keen to rekindle my social circle and meet new women. It was one of the best things I've done for my personal growth and development, thanks again guys!"
October, 2017