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5 Week Infield Course

Have Chris Be Your Eyes & Ears


The 5 Week Infield Course is Chris’s premium dating coaching workshop. It is 5 weeks of intense growth in which you will meet upwards of 100 women.

How is that possible? With law-enforcement grade spyware. This is an undetectable camera that looks exactly like a shirt button, that will allow me to see exactly what you’re seeing in real-time, as well as a tiny undetectable two-way ear-piece.

So imagine this … you’re walking down the street, I point out to you the attractive girl that is about to walk past in the red dress, I walk you through any anxiety that you have (a key part of coaching), I tell you exactly how to approach her and what to say, and then I give you advice on what worked and what didn’t.

The benefits of this style of coaching are many, but primarily that I will be able to see and hear the girl responding to you in real-time, but also because it replicates your real-life. With a coach next to you pushing you, approaching is very easy (I have hundreds of past clients who will confirm this). But otherwise, it’s still much harder. But this style of coaching is an in-between which will teach you how to approach on your own (i.e. when it counts) but still have the assistance that you need.

The Sessions:

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5 Theory Sessions

Every week at a time that suits you, you will have a 1 hour Skype session with Chris to discuss approaching, conversation, dates, attraction, etc. as well as going over the previous week – what worked, what didn’t, any questions that you have.

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5 Week Day Sessions

Have you every wanted to meet women during the day? It is very possible. In fact, most of my clients have ended up dating women that they have met on the street, in a supermarket, etc. In these sessions, you will be learning how to approach and meet women during the day. No noise, no alcohol, no dancing, no bars – meeting women during the day is nothing short of amazing, if done correctly.

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5 Weekly Night Sessions

Bars are simply the best place to meet single women for a variety of reasons. And no, not drunk 21 year olds, but attractive, successful, friendly women who have gone out for after-work drinks, going away or birthdays, you just need to know how to approach them, how to maintain the conversation and how to get phone numbers.

Request a Call Back

If you would like me to call you to discuss, just text the following number: 

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If you’re ready to discuss if the Live Infield Workshop is for you, you can contact Chris by clicking below for an obligation free chat.

$35005 Weeks
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You Will Get:


  • 5 x 1 hour Skype Sessions
  • 5 x 2 hour Day Sessions
  • 5 x 3 hour Night Sessions
  • Weekly activities to do on your own
  • One week trial period
  • Ongoing support for an extra month