The mega workshop

A 5 week intensive course on approaching women

Consistency is what's required if you're to ever make lasting change. That is the purpose of the Mega Workshop - we do it with you so much that by the end it's natural.

You will work closely with 4 different coaches over a period of five weeks. That's 15 sessions. You'll get insights week-after-week that will help you to solidify your growth.

mega dating coaching

5 theory sessions

Once a week you will discuss your progress with Chris (Skype) as well as go over some theoretical aspects of dating, lifestyle and attraction.

5 day Workshops

Each week you will have a 2 hour day workshop. Here you will be meeting women in the street, in stores, supermarkets, every day environments.

5 night workshops

Every weekend we will go out, and you will be shown step-by-step how to approach and start conversations in bars.

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One-on-one, no group coaching

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we Can mostly work around your schedule

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1 week money back guarantee

richard coach

30 hours of infield coaching

You can talk about improving your dating life for hours, days, years even .... but until you're taking action and putting in the hours, nothing will change. If you're only taking action and never discussing/observing what you're doing, you'll get there, but it will take years.

The Mega Workshop is what I believe to be the perfect combination of dating-discussion (to improve your mindset on dating), and action. 30 hours of live infield coaching. By the end of the workshop, you will know the exact steps and be ten times more confident approaching and engaging with women.


"I've approached at least 100 different girls"

"I started Chris's 5 week course 6 months ago being a shy, terrified young man and I can say it's definitely worth the price. Chris shows you the right way to do things. Relying on yourself rather than "pick up tactics" that old school PUAs use, which in the long run is ineffective.

During this course I've approached at least 100 different girls, setting the foundation for me to build off later. Even now I can still go back to Chris for guidance and support though text and he replies pretty much instantly. I am beginning to notice people having more respect for me and are listening more to what I have to say."


"Doors you never dreamed about walking through"

"I flew into Melbourne from Perth to do the Mega Workshop. Still mourning the hurt from a break up some 5 months earlier I was nervous but determined. Within a few minutes of meeting Chris I was put somewhat at ease he is a knowledgeable genuine person and you can tell he really cares about his clients. If your willing to bet on yourself along with having a great mentor like Chris to help you along your journey, doors will open for you. Doors you never dreamed about walking through. So if you're sitting on the fence about whether to commit or not my advice would be to do it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain."


If you have questions about the workshop, or you would like to check the next starting time, please contact Chris via WhatsApp or via the Contact Form below.

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