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Meeting Women During The Day

One of the biggest myths in the dating world is that you need to go out to bars or clubs to meet women. You obviously, definitely, can meet women this way, it’s the timeless classic – going out to pick up! – but it’s not your only option. And no I’m not talking about online dating, I’m talking about meeting women during the day.

But where!?

Today, or tomorrow, when you leave the house, just do one thing. Simply, look up. Pay attention to what is around you. Watch who walks past you on the street, look at more in the stores than the items for sale, lift your head from the newspaper on the train platform, get out of the office on your lunch break – just look around. You will notice something – yep, women are everywhere! And let me tell you one thing – every one of them that is single, is very likely in the same boat as you – really wanting to meet someone, but struggling to find the time, opportunity or ability to do so. Read more

Strength in Love & Life

This post may sound somewhat self-indulgent. I don’t care, it’s real.

From the heart of someone who has done most of what a lot of you guys out there are striving to do, if there is only one thing that I can teach, let it be this – BE STRONG.

Life is hard. You think a hangzhou girl not talking to you warrants being depressed, wait till you’re in a relationship and jealousy strikes, wait till you’re working hard and still wondering how to put ends together, wait till you have kids and face marriage counselling, etc.

Strength will get you (through) everything in life, and it’s the ONLY way that you will get solidly good with women in the end. SOLIDLY good that is, not flashy. So you got twelve numbers this week, so you went on three dates and slept with two of them – it means nothing unless you have found that strength inside you that would have dealt with not having any of that. A very attractive man can do all of the above in a day or two. It certainly doesn’t mean that he has kicker where it counts (a lot of really attractive guys are in fact terrible with women, despite having them, for this very reason).


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How to Approach Women

25 Tips on How To Approach Women

1) Look your best

This is an obvious one, yet it is still largely overlooked. If you’re overweight, or are really scrawny, or could use a tone up, spending time at the gym will get you much better results than just approaching, approaching, approaching. If you wear old “comfortable” clothes, buying new clothes and dressing better is THE quickest way to improve your interactions. If your hair is nothing special, go to a stylist and ask their opinion. The second that you approach a woman, she will scan (consciously or unconsciously) to determine if she likes what she sees, and how you look speaks louder than any opener. Often guys who are putting in the time but getting no results have simply overlooked this key point.

2) Think long-term every single approach

Sure you’re meeting girls, but what you’re also doing is learning to conquer yourself, and learning to deal with that fear that stops you doing so many things in your life. Every approach makes you a better, stronger person. You need to condition yourself to see each approach as one thread in a great tapestry. Don’t go out for five hours a day for two weeks and then give up when you don’t get great results. It takes time, dedication and commitment. Condition your mind to think this way, and reward yourself with good emotion and self-praise after ever approach, regardless of the outcome.


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“I don’t know what to say”

“I don’t know what to say”

This is bar none the most common thing that I hear from clients.

Spending a great deal of time thinking about what to say, I believe, is wasted (or perhaps misguided) energy. You’re considering the wrong thing. It’s like analysing the carriage when in fact it’s the horses that make the carriage go. Guys all too often get into the mindset that they must approach a girl perfectly; perfect body language, perfect voice tone, perfect eye contact and words that roll off the tongue like a Hallmark card. There are many aspects to this topic, but two things right off the bat to consider are in this situation are …

1) So much of pick-up is about the girl. If a girl is in a time in her life where she is open to meeting someone, and you tick her immediate boxes (appearance, friendly, nice vibe, etc), all you ever had to do was present yourself. Elaborate lines and techniques will be entirely unnecessary and in fact may work against you. They may get you attention, even to the point where you think you’re doing very well, but attention is very different to interest. And if a girl is interested in you, and you attempt to ‘play’ her, you will very likely shoot yourself in the foot.


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