"You Are Part of a Rare Breed of Men"

Paddy Mac has been with Manic Workshops since the start of 2018. His more technical approach to pickup is welcomed by clients as a balance to my own style.
Paddy started as a camera-man, until I realised his exceptional ability to create and move social situations to his advantage. He ensures everyone around him is having fun, and nothing is more attractive than that.


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Melbourne Coach, Paddy Mac

Hey guys,  I’m Paddy Mac.

I first discovered the wonder of attracting girls when I got involved in performing arts in high school. Not only could I have a great time performing in front of a crowd but I got so much attention from girls afterwards. Like a drug I was hooked but my supply was about to run out.

When high school ended so did the performances and all of a sudden I had no women in my life and I was losing my mind. A friend of mine had mentioned a book about picking up girls called The Game by Neil Strauss. One day at a second hand market I found a copy staring me in the face. I blushed embarrassed to even recognise such a book in public but I bought it and it blew my mind wide open.

Since then I have studied many of the great seducers and learnt from thousands of failures infield. They hurt like hell and sometimes they still do but I wouldn’t trade them in for anything because it has given me emotional, psychological and spiritual muscle. I am proud to say I have now slept with dozens of incredible women, had a few beautiful relationships and now I am honoured to teach you how to have the same experiences.

If you’re still reading this I congratulate you. You are part of rare breed of men. You recognise that attracting, seducing and keeping exceptional women in your life is a skill you can learn like any other.  So…let’s get to it!


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