Remote 5 Week Workshop


“I contacted Chris after years of hit and miss dating while struggling with confidence, self worth, and my identity. It was a massive turning point for me. Chris’ ability to advise, encourage, and above all, understand people and what drives them is beyond anything that I could have hoped for in a lifestyle coach. His ‘address the cause rather than the symptom’ approach to coaching has changed my life”

- Real testimonial – July, 2013

Imagine having a professional dating coach as your eyes and ears when you’re out meeting women.

This is exactly what the Remote Mega Workshop is. 

How is that possible?

Chris uses a law-enforcement grade undetectable camera that you will wear, allowing him to see exactly what you’re seeing in real-time.

On top of this, you will have a tiny undetectable ear-piece, with Chris on the other end giving you constant two way interaction.

Yes, this is possible.

So imagine this

You’re walking down the street, and Chris points out an attractive girl that is about to walk past you. You might not have even noticed her otherwise. Chris helps you through your anxiety (a key part of this workshop), and then tells you exactly how to approach her, what to say, and then gives you feedback on what worked and what didn’t.

Why is Remote Coaching so powerful?

With a coach there hyping you up and pushing you into interactions – approaching can be easy. But for many men, the moment they’re on their own again … they can’t approach. Remote coaching is an in-between, giving you the live infield professional help that you need, but with the ‘feel’ of being on your own. This will ultimately help you approach on your own (when it matters the most) more than any other form of coaching.

The guys with the best game, undoubtably, are the ones who put in time meeting women “solo” (i.e. on their own, away from a coach). This however, can take years. Remote coaching brings you all of the benefits of my Mega Workshop, with the added benefit of this mind-hack that will improve your dating in the long-term.

Remote Coaching consists of:

  • High Quality Coaching – Chris provides the highest quality coaching in the Australian industry. You are not just another client, Chris’s success as a coach, rests solely on the success of his clients.
  • 1-1 Coaching – Chris’s infield coaching is a 2-1 student ratio. However every session (over 20 in total) of the Remote Mega Workshop is one on one.
  • Live Advice – You will have Chris right there with you, as your eyes and your ears. You will get honest and practical advice on how to improve your approaching and your conversations, while you are doing them.
  • Local Knowledge – Chris has extensive knowledge of Melbourne, having coached there since 2008. So if you’re in Melbourne, this is an added bonus – you will get to know the best bars, the best streets, the best supermarkets, etc.
  • Guaranteed – As with all of Chris’s coaching, the Remote Workshop 5 has a one week trial. If after the first three sessions you’re not happy with what you’re learning, you can leave the course without paying anything.

They are worth every cent and much more. Chris helped me get out of my shell just after a breakup and also helped my friend to get his confidence back up after a rough patch. I vouch for this guy any day. He gave me big momentum in creating the lifestyle I wanted. People who know me, know this well.

- Real testimonial – March, 2010

Chris exceeded my expectations. He is a genuine guy who transforms people into more confident, captivating and compelling individuals. He teaches you how to let go of self sabotaging limiting beliefs and replace them with an effortless and natural sense of freedom when interacting with not only women but all people. MOST IMPORTANTLY chris sets you on a path that will get you RESULTS. I approached HEAPS of women connected with women exchanged numbers had more dates than i’ve had in 4 years during the course.

- Real testimonial – August, 2016


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