Skype Coaching

Skype Sessions are for men who are after some concise and practical dating coaching or life coaching.

For two hours, you will talk with Chris and go into the depths of your dating life, discussing where you’re at now, where you want to be, and how you can get there. Chris’s advice is of a very practical nature and is based on over a decade of extensive experience – thousands of hours out infield, thousands of interactions with women, hundreds of clients, and a thorough grasp of dating psychology.

Skype Sessions can be focused on just improving your dating life or pick-up skills, or they can be more life coaching (health, wealth, business and success) – or both! The sessions are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and will provide you with advice that you can implement immediately to see greater success with approaching and meeting women, dating in general, and in your lifestyle.

“I contacted Chris after years of hit and miss dating while struggling with confidence, self worth, and my identity. It was a massive turning point for me. Chris’ ability to advise, encourage, and above all, understand people and what drives them is beyond anything that I could have hoped for in a lifestyle coach. His ‘address the cause rather than the symptom’ approach to coaching has changed my life”

- Real testimonial – July, 2013

A consultation consists of:

  • Question & Answer – A deep discussion of any of your dating questions and current sticking points. You’re asked to note down questions ahead of time to ensure that everything is covered.
  • Exploration – A thorough look and exploration of what is holding you back from being successful with women, in dating, or in developing the life that you would like. If you’re getting flakes, or dealing with anxiety, or just feel stuck in life – this is what will be covered.
  • Experience – You will be getting over a decade of coaching experience, from someone who has been there, done that. Chris is the leading expert in the Australian dating industry who walks his talk. There is nothing that you can bring up that he has not dealt with hundreds of times before.
  • Practical Advice – There is no woo-woo advice here. You will be given real, honest and practical advice on how to get improve your approaching, conversations, interactions, dates, mindset, and life.
  • Beliefs & Mindset – As success follows mindset, your overall thinking, life perspective and beliefs will be assessed to see how these may be impacting your results without you even knowing.
  • Guarantee – If you do not feel that you got a lot of insights and some helpful information in the session, you will not have to pay a cent.

They are worth every cent and much more. Chris helped me get out of my shell just after a breakup and also helped my friend to get his confidence back up after a rough patch. I vouch for this guy any day. He gave me big momentum in creating the lifestyle I wanted. People who know me, know this well.

- Real testimonial – March, 2010

You Will Get

  • All of your questions answered
  • Dating coaching as well as life coaching
  • Real advice based on extensive real-world experience
  • Applicable advice with zero fluff
  • An assessment of your beliefs and mindset
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Get Started Today

Price – $175

Prices are in Australian dollars 

 So if you’re tired of wondering where you are going wrong, and you are curious to see what success you could achieve, and you are ready to step up, take action, and create some real change in your life, then click on the button below to make an enquiry.