Skype Audio Coaching

Skype Coaching Skype audio coaching is for those interesting in getting some professional dating and lifestyle coaching, but who are not within Melbourne or not able to have face-to-face coaching.

As with the consultations, Chris Manak will dig around in your head to determine where you’re at in your dating life, where you want to be, what is holding you back from the success that you desire, and will go over the steps necessary to get you there. You will be having your problems evaluated through the eyes of a renown professional PUA and dating coach with over a decade of experience in the field.

The aim of the Skype consultation is to have walking away with new perspectives on dating, more motivation for meeting women, more direction in life, and knowing the practical steps that you must then undertake to get you meeting significantly more ladies.

Opportunity is likely right in front of you, but few people see it – you might be missing dating opportunities every day. You may doing a number of things almost correctly, but incorrectly enough to be hinder your progress. Most often it takes only a few corrections and some commitment to change to bring about huge success. The Skype consultation is to get you on that right path.

Please note that Skype sessions are audio Skype, not video Skype, so you can do this from your computer or phone.

I talked to more girls and got more phone numbers then ever before, I got good advice before, during and after approaches and I got to see somebody who is really good at this in action. He is a really good guy and a pleasure to go out with. I’d do it again and recommend it highly to others

- Real testimonial – 2010

Skype consultations are 100% guaranteed.

1 hour session – $120


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