Testimonials - Melbourne Dating, Pick-up (PUA) And Lifestyle Coaching

Is an awesome coach

This guy clearly has a strong life experience, is an awesome coach who can relate to you and transfer information in a very clear and structured way. Even after and before the workshop this gent is there for you, for me that worked out by giving me just simple guidelines.


After working with Manic Workshops a few years back, I saw such amazing results right away. I was COMPLETELY MINDBLOWN and was able to meet the women of my dreams! Chris Manak (the coach I worked with) was amazing in his genuine personality and ability to help me improve my results ridiculously just being myself. I would recommend this to anyone and say that it would be humanly impossible for you not to get 100x return on investment from getting help from Manic Workshops in any capacity. Rock on and thanks again Chris!

Best investment I’ve made in my life

“The Mega Workshop is the single best investment I’ve made in my life period. Chris Manak in my eyes is the undisputed champion. Not because he has hundreds of flashy tricks up his sleeve, but because he has a powerful self acceptance. This is a big claim but I truly believe that this workshop has made a huge improvement to my attitude and has taken at least 12 months off my learning curve”

Life changing

“I’ve just completed Manic’s Mega Workshop. Best investment of my life. You can’t put a price on what he offers. If you want to improve all areas of your life, become an overall more confident, well balanced, greater version of yourself take action and do the Mega. Life changing and something I’d highly recommend to anybody”

Chris is an amazing coach

“It’s been mentioned on these forums how good of a coach Chris is, which is why I booked him for a workshop, but I’m gonna say it again for the hell of it. Chris is an amazing coach and helped me so much to really smash through my limiting beliefs. He is a great coach, period. I’ll definitely be doing another workshop with him”

The best I’ve got to witness

“I’ve done Manic’s workshop beginning of this year. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and felt I might slip into depression. So I wanted someone to push me. I got so much more than what I thought. Workshop is the shits. Manic is awesome, super friendly and very knowledgeable… And he got his knowledge from pounding pavements and chatting to girls, a lot. Now I’ve coached myself and have seen a lot of other coaches, including famous and international ones. Manic is the best I’ve got to witness. His coaching is fucking A-level”

Hands down the best

“Don’t bother looking anywhere else until you’ve tried Manic. Chris will teach you more than enough to get you on in the right track in terms of getting good. Best investment you’ll ever make. If you disagree, money back. But from my experience and I’ve been through a lot of coaches, Manic was hands down the best. He should be charging at least 3 times more for his service”


“IF YOU ARE NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE IN YOUR GAME, TAKE A WORKSHOP WITH MANIC AND IT WILL GET YOU SIGNIFICANTLY CLOSER VERY FAST. I was in no form told or even hinted at to post anything like this. Had a sick time”

You smash them all

“I have had workshops with Mystery and Vin Decarlo and you smash them all in terms of teaching style and in field ability”