Testimonials - 2/3 - Melbourne Dating, Pick-up (PUA) And Lifestyle Coaching

Best field coach I know

“Very affordable and the best field coach I know”

Can’t thank Chris enough

Chris isn’t just an ordinary coach that tells you to “do this and do that”. He’s a coach that gets you from “wanting and doing” the shit that gets you to pick up chicks to “BEING” the guy that’s able to naturally go up and talk to girls and gets dates out on the street or at work. I can’t thank Chris enough for his workshop. I work as a personal trainer in a mainstream gym with a lot of competition. Without his personal guidance in approaching beautiful women out on the streets of Melbourne I wouldn’t of been able to as easily go up to sexy ass looking girls in my gym in crop tops and yoga pants and ask them if they need help with their goals. Additionally I probably wouldn’t of had the balls to drag a girl away from her friends in a dance class a Fed Square and kiss her in an ally way. (This girl would turn out to be my girlfriend) Most of my clientele are fuckin hot birds that I genuinely want to work with all because I’ve been able to spot them and approach them confidently on the gym floor. Without Chris’s help and guidance, I would’ve been just another “needy personal trainer, looking for another client”. Instead… I now come across as a confident trainer, using Chris’s guidance and tips to rapidly build rapport and communicate my honest intention to helping them achieve their goals. If they respond well and accept my offer for an unforgettable experience… AWESOME… If not, it’s all good…. Life goes on :) Chris’ methods are definitely out of the box and not mainstream. I highly recommend his services if you’re open minded and ready for an awesome lifestyle change I thank you Chris for guiding me to look at the bigger picture… that it’s more about my personal development then it is about girls… Birds, girls and hot ass is a by-product of being fucking awesome. You’ve planted seeds that have made me become better authentic and powerful man :D

Best coach in Melbourne

“Big thanks to Manic, my buddy and the best coach in Melbourne hands down”

Learnt what I’d been doing wrong

“I’d come out to the city heaps of times, and learnt what I’d been doing wrong in half an hour with you”

Changed my life

“I contacted Chris after years of hit and miss dating while struggling with confidence, self worth, and my identity. It was a massive turning point for me. Chris’ ability to advise, encourage, and above all, understand people and what drives them is beyond anything that I could have hoped for in a lifestyle coach. His ‘address the cause rather than the symptom’ approach to coaching has changed my life”

Awesome times 2

“I have to say Manic is just a fucking incredible coach. He really took this sticking point of mine (whatever it is) on board and actively tried to find out-of-the-box solutions. Then he navigated my results / simulations through his intuition. Awesome times 2″

One of the best coaches in this country

“Manic is a fantastic guy and he is one of the best coaches in this country and possibly the world!”

Vouch for this guy any day

“They are worth every cent and much more. Chris helped me get out of my shell just after a breakup and also helped my friend to get his confidence back up after a rough patch. We vouch for this guy any day. He gave us big momentum in creating the lifestyle we wanted. People who know me, know this well”

Went extremely well

“Went extremely well, Manic really is a champ. His natural style doesn’t mess your mind, he didn’t load us up on heaps technical stuff and theory, just tells you what you need to know and helps you work on your own issues rather than a catch all attitude”