Testimonials - 3/3 - Melbourne Dating, Pick-up (PUA) And Lifestyle Coaching

Always remain grateful

“We’ve been going out for almost 11 months now. Anyway always remain grateful to you for your help cause without it, no girlfriend”

Highly recommend the investment

“Imagine being an explorer in wold that was flat that you had toughly navigated. Then someday someone tells you that the wold is round however you fear to venture out for the fear of falling off. Well that is what Chris’s coaching teaches. He doesn’t just tell you that the world is round but he walks off the cliff and proves to you noting bad will happen. Then all of a sudden your wold gets bigger s and everything you know is put into perspective. It’s scary and exciting at the same time and you realise that it’s now up to you to venture out and explore. However without that initial “O shit I won’t fall off moment” which Chris will show you, you would have never ventured out” I highly recommend the investment in yourself with Chris as your guide. There is no easy solution to your issues but if you don’t take the plunge you will die wondering.

So valuable

“Manic taught me that you can be normal, non flashy, and still pick up! So valuable! Also, genuinely nice guy”

Ahh what an eye-opener

“I joined Chris on 3 consecutive nights. I already knew from the start that this was going to be one hell of a ride. Here’s a little taste of what went down the first night: a load of approaches, 4 numbers and a soothing pash. And these weren’t your average girls but super cuties!! Ahh what an eye-opener. Manic took me from average to unstoppable that night and you can only imagine how the next 2 days unfolded =) I owe it to you champ”

He even got me laid

“First, let me say that Manic is just awesome and I had an awesome night learning with him. I arrived pretty much clueless about what to do and ended up opening heaps of sets and having a great time. Not only he taught me how to pick-up last night, but he even got me laid”

You won’t regret it

“After an hour or so of me practicing openings, we headed out. My aim was to talk to at least 5 girls… I think I talked to 10+ (lost count). I got two numbers… Manic is an awesome coach/wing. If you are blanking on opening (which I was for night game) then definitely take this coaching! You won’t regret it”

Recommend it highly

“I talked to more girls and got more phone numbers then ever before, I got good advice before, during and after approaches and I got to see somebody who is really good at this in action. He is a really good guy and a pleasure to go out with. I’d do it again and recommend it highly to others”

Life is much different

“It is honestly worth every cent and a whole lot more. Life is much different (and unbelievably better) since having the privilege of working with you. Still don’t understand why the hell I thought approaching was so hard before!”

The biggest eye opener

“I just got back from my first workshop with Chris Manic. Tonight was the biggest eye opener I have ever had in my life”