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Below are some of Chris Manak’s coaching reviews. You can find others online also. These are all 100% real, genuine testimonials.

Chris exceeded my expectations. He is a genuine guy who transforms people into more confident, captivating and compelling individuals. He teaches you how to let go of self sabotaging limiting beliefs and replace them with an effortless and natural sense of freedom when interacting with not only women but all people. MOST IMPORTANTLY chris sets you on a path that will get you RESULTS. I approached HEAPS of women connected with women exchanged numbers had more dates than i've had in 4 years during the course.

Todd review


I did the workshop a while ago and when people asked me for help with women I ALWAYS recommend Chris, they usually ask me if Chris is any "good" and I always just show them my background image on my phone of my beautiful and amazing Swedish wife .

david review


I recently engaged Chris for a consultation to talk about some issues I was having with confidence and approach anxiety. During the two hour consultation, Chris gave me some great advice and resources to help me overcome my issues. One of the best things about Chris was that he speaks from genuine experience - being able to ask Chris about his own real-life experiences was really helpful and insightful.

chris manak review


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