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5 Week Virtual Workshop


“I contacted Chris after years of hit and miss dating while struggling with confidence, self worth, and my identity. It was a massive turning point for me. Chris’ ability to advise, encourage, and above all, understand people and what drives them is beyond anything that I could have hoped for in a lifestyle coach. His ‘address the cause rather than the symptom’ approach to coaching has changed my life”

- Real testimonial – July, 2013

Do you want a professional dating coach to be your eyes and ears – in real-time – when you’re out meeting women?

This is exactly what the Virtual 5 Week Workshop is! 

So how is that possible?

Please contact for exact details, but in a nutshell – Chris uses an undetectable camera and two-way microphone that you will wear for each session. Chris is seeing what you’re seeing, and hearing what you’re hearing, and can speak with you, in real-time.

So imagine this

You’re walking down the street, Chris is talking to you, calming your nerves. Chris points out an attractive girl that is about to walk past you. You might not have even noticed her. You are told exactly what to say, how to say it, and what to do in order to start a conversation with her.

The guys with the best game, undoubtably, are the ones who learn how to meet women when on their own. They don’t need a group for support. Remote coaching brings you all of the benefits of my Mega Workshop, with the added benefit of teaching you how to approach and meet women when you’re on your own (i.e. when it really counts).

Remote Coaching consists of:

  • 5 Theory Session – Every week you will have a 1 hour theory consultation with Chris in which you will discuss everything dating related – approaching, conversation, escalation, mindsets, etc. as well as analysing your results from the previous week. Each week Chris will look at what is holding you back and how to optimise it for more success the following week.
  • 5 Day Sessions – Each weekend you will have a two hour day session in which you will be shown and taught how to naturally meet women during the day. The women that you walk past on the street, that cute girl in the supermarket – these women you can meet (and date) once you have the right tools, confidence and experience. Each week you will be taught more and more how to easily and naturally approach and meet them, with a focus on growing your confidence gradually.
  • 5 Night Sessions – Each weekend you will have a four hour night session in which you will go out with Chris’s live help, to an appropriate bar, and learn how to approach and interact with women in that environment. No pick-up lines or weird techniques, just simple and easy ways to find women that you click with. You will have Chris in your ear – seeing what you see, hearing what you hear – all you need to do is follow instructions. These sessions focus on ramping up your social confidence and you will see improvements week after week.
  • Conversation Analysis – Chris will be able to listen to, analyse and improve your conversations by giving tips on what you could have said. This is completely confidential and is incredibly beneficial to improving your interactions.
  • Text Game Assistance – Chris will be assisting you in any follow-ups, calls and texts that result from your approaches. You’re free to send screenshots of conversations at any time to get advice on what to say and how to follow up.
  • Lifestyle and Inner Game – The Mega Workshop isn’t just about meeting women, it’s about becoming a better and more attractive version of yourself. A man that women WANT to date. So week after week will also be about improving YOU – your lifestyle, your mindset, your work, your health, how to get what you want in life, etc.
  • 24/7 Support – You’re free to contact Chris anytime throughout the workshop, day or night, for as much help as you need. This comes in handy when you’re stuck in tricky situations like how to reply to a text message, or where to go for a date, etc.
  • Ongoing Support – After the workshop, you are free to stay in touch with Chris for as much assistance as you need, for as long as you like. This alone makes the virtual workshop worth it.

They are worth every cent and much more. Chris helped me get out of my shell just after a breakup and also helped my friend to get his confidence back up after a rough patch. I vouch for this guy any day. He gave me big momentum in creating the lifestyle I wanted. People who know me, know this well.

- Real testimonial – March, 2010

Chris exceeded my expectations. He is a genuine guy who transforms people into more confident, captivating and compelling individuals. He teaches you how to let go of self sabotaging limiting beliefs and replace them with an effortless and natural sense of freedom when interacting with not only women but all people. MOST IMPORTANTLY chris sets you on a path that will get you RESULTS. I approached HEAPS of women connected with women exchanged numbers had more dates than i’ve had in 4 years during the course.

- Real testimonial – August, 2016


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